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Wrench Type
Sep 21, 2018

1. Wrench: A fixed-size opening at one or both ends for screwing a nut or bolt of a certain size.

2. Torx wrench: The working end with hexagonal hole or twelve-corner hole at both ends is suitable for occasions where the working space is small and the ordinary wrench cannot be used.

3. Combination wrench: One end is the same as the single-head wrench, the other end is the same as the wrench, and the bolts or nuts of the same specification are screwed at both ends.

4. Adjustable wrench: The width of the opening can be adjusted within a certain size range, and the bolts or nuts of different specifications can be twisted. The structural feature of the wrench is that the fixed jaw is made into a flat jaw with a fine tooth; the movable jaw is made at one end with a flat jaw; the other end is made with a concave jaw with a fine tooth; the worm is pressed downward, the activity The jaws can be removed quickly and the jaws can be replaced.

5. Hook wrench: Also known as a crescent wrench, used to twist flat nuts with limited thickness.

6. Socket wrench: generally called sleeve: it is composed of a plurality of sleeves with hexagonal holes or twelve-corner holes and is equipped with a variety of accessories such as handles and posts. It is especially suitable for the rotation position is very narrow or very concave. Bolts or nuts in the depths. The sleeve has metric and inch sizes. Although the sleeve has the same concave shape, the outer diameter, length and the like are designed for the shape and size of the corresponding equipment. There is no uniform regulation in the country, so the design of the sleeve is relatively flexible. Meet the needs of the public.

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