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Wrench Classification
Sep 21, 2018

The manual wrench is also called ordinary wrench. It is mainly used in ordinary life work. Its use is relatively simple. It is mainly divided into single-head wrench, double-head wrench, adjustable wrench, plum wrench, multi-purpose wrench, tap wrench and socket wrench. , socket driver, torque wrench, torque wrench, cross wrench, ratchet wrench, hook wrench, hex wrench, inner square wrench, manual clutch torque wrench, pipe wrench, T-wrench, L-wrench, trigeminal wrench, crescent Wrench, drum wrench, tire wrench, spark plug wrench, filter wrench, combination wrench, other wrenches, etc. The torque wrench is divided into a signal wrench, a pointer wrench and a digital display wrench.

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