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When It Comes To November 11, What's On Your Mind ?
Nov 04, 2018

  When it comes to November 11, what's on your mind.Well, as to the old generations, it's only an ordinary day; however, the young generations will consider itas the Singles Day as well as the on-line shopping carnival. In fact, on November 11th, 2013, Tmall and Taobao (the biggest Chinese online shopping platform) has sold out more than 35 billion Yuan goods, this data has astonished the media at homeand abroad. Apparently, people have more interests on cyber shopping than spend the night with their single friends. Some home media even suggest that November 11th should be the Chinese on-lineshopping carnival.


  in 2010, Jack Ma, the CEO of Tmall and Taobao, had coined the term Double Eleven, aimed to encourage the single people to do something to celebrate their own festival. Instead of dating lovers,people go on-line shopping to relive the loneliness.According to the survey, China had 564 million Internet users at the end of last year and 180 million single people. And the single people are themain force of the Chinas spending power. The debut was a great success. Then 11.11 has an unusual meaning, which stands for on-lineshopping carnival.


  Comparing with the traditional shopping, the cyber shopping has more distinguish features, which quite fit the young generations taste. People do not need to go outside, just click their mouse, the goods will be home. The best part is you can do it anywhere, anytime. All you need is a credit card.What we can predict in the future is that on-line shopping is not going to fade away, instead, it will boost like the mushrooms after spring rains.