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Emergency Package Is Generally Composed
Sep 21, 2018


The emergency kit itself should be able to be shoulder-mounted and not portable. The width of the bag should not exceed the shoulder width of ordinary people, which is conducive to evacuation in a narrow space.

The color of the emergency kit should be bright and conspicuous, orange-red is easy to be found, and camouflage camouflage should not be used.

The emergency kit should be strong enough because it is a disaster prevention emergency, so try to back it once it is ready. Walk on your backpack and see if your action is agile. Life-saving water - bring your own. A few bottles of mineral water or homemade cool white water. Homemade cool white water should pay attention to regular replacement, to ensure that the quality is not degraded.

For family emergency kits, the family should be aware of their use and storage location, and should not easily misappropriate the contents. The storage location is best placed in a conspicuous place and on an emergency evacuation route.