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Twin screw compressor maintenance
Sep 21, 2018

Screw compressors have a much lower probability of failure than piston compressors, but if used improperly, the advantages of screw compressors are difficult to achieve. Many users of piston compressors have begun to switch to screw air compressors. Due to the lack of understanding of the use and maintenance of screw compressors, frequent failures have occurred, causing conflicts between users and enterprises. Therefore, read the instructions for use and maintenance before using the screw compressor.

Guidance is given to the installation location of the machine, the ventilation of the air compressor station, the specifications of the power supply cable and air switch, the water supply pressure and flow rate, and the size of the exhaust line. The instruction manual also describes the principle and structure of the machine in detail. Those who have a certain basic knowledge of electromechanical can read and judge the common problems and make correct judgments and treatments. There is also the need to periodically replace the consumable parts of the screw compressor. There are mainly lubricating oil, oil filter, air intake filter, oil filter, etc. It is worth noting that the frequency of replacement in different environments is also different, so Daily use and inspection records for screw compressors.