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Screw air compressor working process
Sep 21, 2018

The working process of the twin-screw compressor: the motor drives the main rotor through the coupling, the speed increasing gear or the belt. Since the two rotors mesh with each other, the main rotor directly drives the auxiliary rotor to rotate together. Under the relative negative pressure, the air is sucked in. Under the action of the tooth peak and the tooth groove, the gas is transported and compressed, and when the rotor meshing surface is turned into communication with the exhaust port of the casing, the compressed gas begins to be discharged.

The working process of the worm compressor: the motor transmits the power to the worm shaft by a coupling or a belt, and the worm drives the star gear to move relatively in the worm groove, the volume of the closed element changes, the gas, the conveying compression, when the design is reached The pressure value is discharged into the oil separator by a symmetrical triangular exhaust port on the left and right sides of the main body casing.

The main body of the screw compressor is provided with an oil injection hole. By virtue of its own pressure difference, oil is sprayed into the compression chamber during the compression process to cool the gas, seal the gap between the components, and absorb vibration, silence and lubrication.