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Screw air compressor transmission
Sep 21, 2018

In the transmission system of the air compressor, it can be generally divided into direct transmission and belt transmission. For a long time, the two transmission methods have been one of the focuses of the industry debate. The direct drive of a screw air compressor refers to the fact that the motor shaft drives the rotor via a coupling and gearbox shifting, which is not really a direct drive in the true sense. In the true sense of direct transmission, the motor is directly connected (coaxial) to the rotor and the speed is the same. This situation is obviously very rare. Therefore, the view that there is no energy loss in the direct drive is not correct.

Another type of transmission is belt drive, which allows the rotor speed to be varied by pulleys of different diameters. The belt drive system discussed below refers to an automation system that represents the latest technology that meets the following conditions:

1. The belt tension of each operating state reaches the optimized value.

2, by avoiding excessive starting tension, greatly extending the working life of the belt, while reducing the load on the motor and rotor bearings;

3. Always ensure the correct pulley connection;