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Screw air compressor
Sep 21, 2018

Screw Air Compressor for Air Compressor Equipment Compress Air Compressor Equipment - The screw air compressor is pre-configured with a single power connection and compressed air connection, and a built-in cooling system to simplify installation. . Comps screw air compressors consistently provide high quality compressed air for a wide range of industries with their high efficiency, high efficiency, maintenance-free and highly reliable. The screw compression assembly in the screw air compressor is manufactured in-house with the latest CNC grinding machine and is equipped with on-line laser technology to ensure precise manufacturing tolerances. Its reliability and performance ensure that compressor operating costs are extremely low over the life of the compressor. Adjustable compressors, integrated compressors and desiccant series are all new products in the L/LS series of compressors.