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Performance analysis of twin screw compressor
Sep 21, 2018

The main performance parameters of the screw air compressor are power, volume flow, suction pressure, outlet temperature, discharge pressure and speed. In the design of a screw air compressor, a pair of intermeshing rotors is a very important parameter. Because it is closely related to the performance of the compressor. The male and female rotors of the screw compressor can be regarded as a pair of helical gears that mesh with each other. Therefore, the male and female rotor profiles of the screw compressor also satisfy the meshing law. The intersection line of the tooth surface of the rotor perpendicular to the rotor axis is called a rotor profile. The rotor type of the screw compressor is divided into a symmetrical type line and an asymmetrical type line, and a unilateral type line and a double side type line. When the profile lines on both sides of the center line of the addendum are identical, they are called symmetrical type lines. Conversely, when the profiles on both sides of the center line of the crest are different, they are called asymmetric lines. There is a profile on the inside or the outside of the rotor pitch circle, which is called a unilateral line. There are contour lines inside and outside the circle, called bilateral lines. In general, the development and design of the new line directly affects the performance of the screw air compressor, and the performance of the screw air compressor depends on the design of the profile.

The screw compressor relies on the continuous meshing of the rotor to output compressed gas. Therefore, the change of the spindle speed has an influence on the volume flow and the exhaust pressure of the compressor. Therefore, the spindle speed is a major factor affecting the performance of the screw compressor. When the exhaust pressure is increased, the power consumption of the compressor is also increased, and the specific power is increased, the economic efficiency is lowered, so the exhaust pressure has a very significant influence on the energy consumption of the compressor. At the same time, some test results show that the ambient temperature of the outside will also affect the performance of the screw compressor. China has a large difference in temperature between different seasons and different regions. The ambient temperature is different, and the suction temperature of the compressor is also different. This parameter will directly affect the performance of the screw compressor. Therefore, the analysis of the above factors affecting the performance of the screw compressor will greatly help the use of the screw compressor.