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Hydraulic jack classification
Sep 21, 2018

The universal hydraulic jack is suitable for all kinds of lifting operations with low lifting height. It consists of: 1, oil chamber 2, oil pump 3, oil storage chamber 4, piston, 5, rocker, 6, oil valve and other major components. When working, as long as the crank is reciprocated, the manual oil pump continuously presses the oil into the cylinder. As the oil pressure in the cylinder increases, the piston and the heavy objects on the piston are forced to move upward together. When the oil return valve is opened, the high-pressure oil in the oil cylinder flows back to the oil storage chamber, so that the heavy object and the piston also fall together.

Special hydraulic jacks are special tensioning tools that apply tension to prestressed steel bars when making prestressed concrete members. Special hydraulic jacks are mostly double-acting. Commonly used are both through-heart type and cone-anchor type.

The through-heart type jack is suitable for tensioning tendons or wire bundles, and is mainly composed of a tensioning cylinder, a pressing cylinder, a pressing piston and a spring. It is characterized in that there is a through-hole in the axis of the stretching machine, and the steel bar (the steel wire) is inserted and anchored by the tool anchor of the tail.

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